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Brand new contest!

This weekend marks 80 days until the worldwide release of the 4th Darko Dawson novel, GOLD OF OUR FATHERS (“GOOF”), and in about 80 days you can win a free copy–no, dear readers, a signed copy–of the novel in glorious hardcover, that is if you come in first or second in the contest I’m launching today.


But wait, there’s more! Second place gets a signed copy, but first place comes along with a bonus that will blow you away. It’s an abstract Ghanaian sculpture of a figure reading a book, carved by local artisans from one of Ghana’s most famous woods, mahogany. This is from my personal collection and it’s a dear favorite, so if you win it, you will be prying it from my live, hot hands.


So, let’s review:

Second place: signed copy of GOOF

First place: a signed copy of GOOF plus this unique Ghanaian sculpture.

Okay, now on to the contest, which will be open for two weeks starting today, February 7, 2016, to February 21, 2016.

The initials of one or more American institutions of higher learning spell out a district of Accra, Ghana’s capital city. What initials, and the institutions to which they belong, are these?

Three . . . two . . . one . . . go!