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On Friday October 15, 2010, I zipped up to San Francisco for one day at Bouchercon. Boucher who? Yes, that’s what I said when I first heard the name. Bouchercon, or the Anthony Boucher Memorial World Mystery Convention, is an annual convention of creators and devotees of mystery and detective fiction, named in honor of writer and editor Anthony Boucher. It brings publishers, authors, booksellers and sales representatives together. It’s a huge meeting held in a different city every year. It was my first time to attend, and I must confess that I had imagined it would be unwieldy, impersonal and rather daunting. Nothing could have been further from the truth. It turned out to be terrific. I saw familiar faces and made new friends.

The pic below shows me with two lovely ladies, to my left Coordinating Director of Marketing at Random House, Kelle Ruden, who made me feel so welcome and introduced me to a bunch of folks; and to my right, the effervescent Cheryl Kelly, west coast Random House sales representative. Meeting all these people, every single one of them enthusiastic about books and writing, was a thrill.

Back in LA on Saturday, I went to a book signing at a South Pasadena venerable institution Book’em Mysteries, where the guest of honor was Michael Connelly.

In his new book, The Reversal, Defense attorney Mickey Haller and LAPD Detective Harry Bosch work together on the high-profile retrial of a brutal child murder. Naturally the bookstore was packed with Michael’s avid fans, or should I say “worshippers?” It was very interesting to watch the reverent but delighted faces of readers as Mr. Connelly signed their books. By the way, he is left-handed. I’ve always liked left-handed people for some reason. Some readers may know what most crime fiction writers know about Michael Connelly, and that is he is a true gentleman who is generous with his support of and kindness to other writers. His easygoing low-key demeanor belies his incredible career of 22 novels and almost every possible literary award.