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Last week I launched a new contest, a kind of geographical word quiz. The prize was the Darko Dawson four-book Christmas box set.

The four Darko Dawson novels as a box set, including the galley of the upcoming GOLD OF OUR FATHERS

The question was:

Take the name of one of the fifty American states, drop the first and last two letters to obtain the name of one of the regional capitals in Ghana. Which state is it?

The answer is HAWAII. Drop the “HA” and “II” and you get WA, the capital of the Upper West Region of Ghana (click on map to magnify.)

Wa (uppermost left) is the capital of the Upper West Region, which is very hot and arid (click on map to magnify)

Readers jumped on it right away, and the first three to make my inbox were the winners. It was a truly international trio:

1. Asaaba M (Canada)

2. Corrine E (UK)

3. Nino S (Croatia)

Congratulations to them for getting the answer in record time.

It turns out that there are quite a few geographical word puzzles connecting Ghana and the US. Look out for another one in early 2016 and a chance to win the brand new hardcover edition of GOLD OF OUR FATHERS.