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My apologies for the long silence after launching the latest contest. My Mac went out of commission for more than a week, and blogging on a tablet is too cumbersome to be worth the try. At any rate, laptop restored, we can now talk about the contest and who won! The challenge was as follows:

The initials of one or more American institutions of higher learning spell out a district of Accra, Ghana’s capital city. What initials, and the institutions to which they belong, are these?

The answer I had in mind was OSU, which could stand for Ohio, Oklahoma and Oregon State Universities. Osu is also a district in Accra, the capital of Ghana. I thought this challenge would have readers flummoxed, and although it did some, others were fast and furious in sending in the answers. Order of arrival of the correct response in my inbox was the criterion for gold and silver medals.  Wendy T. in the USA took silver, correctly naming all three universities that make the initials O-S-U. She wins a copy of the new novel GOLD OF OUR FATHERS when it comes out in a couple of months on April 26. Erik E. of Germany came in first, winning the gold with a particularly creative response: Tudu, for TU, Tulsa University, and DU, University of Denver. He wins the novel and a Ghanaian abstract wood carving.


Tudu is indeed a district in central Accra, and it happens that I have a pair of pictures of Tudu Road from a blog of 2011. As Erik commented, it’s a busy, industrial area. It also features prominently in the second Darko novel, CHILDREN OF THE STREET.


So, well done to the winners. For those who missed it, not to worry, there’ll be lots of contests coming up in the future!