Death by His Grace (Darko Dawson #5)
On May 17, 2013 | 0 Comments

Death at the Voyager Hotel,  my new e-novella, is scheduled to come online in August 2013. It will be available on several devices including your computer, cell phone, and e-reader, e.g. the Kindle and Nook.

In Ghana‘s cosmopolitan capital of Accra, the Voyager Hotel is widely known as a medium-priced, well-run lodging perfectly suited to cash-strapped tourists. But one early March morning, it gains a notoriety it would rather not have. Hotel guest Heather Peterson, a beautiful, young Oregonian teacher, is found dead at the bottom of the hotel’s pool.

Cover artwork by Ellie Searl*

The police authorities deem it an accidental drowning, but that raises troubling questions. Heather was a strong swimmer. How could she have drowned in six feet of water?

Paula Djan, principal of the urban school at which Heather was a volunteer, suspects foul play and begins to dig around. As she discovers an increasing number of suspects, she encounters hostility from police investigators, who take a dim view of her snooping. But much more than stepping on a few toes, Paula may be headed down a dangerous path where the killer lies in wait with every intention of making her the second victim at the Voyager.

As a novella, the story runs about 100 pages – good for a quick read on a plane flight or on a quiet evening at home. It is based loosely on a true story, which I’ll tell you about in my next blog.




*Ellie Searl