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Laura Brennan interviewed me a couple of weeks ago for her podcast series, Destination Mystery. Laura features a new author regularly every week, exploring an extraordinary variety of mystery settings–from my Ghana gold to Tammy Kaehler’s world of motorsports and much more. The extraordinary perceptiveness she demonstrates in her conversations with authors could spring, at least in part, from her broad working background, which includes news and current affairs for PBS. Nevertheless, she is quick to emphasize that she comes to the table mostly as a fan.

Laura co-produced a web series, Faux Baby, about a couple so afraid of having children that they decide to practice first… on a doll. She has had short stories published (mystery and horror) and a horror film she wrote, “Most Likely to Die,” debuted in May 2016.

Big thank you to Laura for having me on her show. Here are all the links with which you can access our conversation.

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