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A sketch of the main characters in the fourth Darko Dawson novel Gold Of Our Fathers (“GOOF”), coming out Spring 2016. Next to each sketch is a picture of my dream actor to play that role. What are your own casting choices? Tweet them to, using hashtag #GoldOfOurFathers, or leave a comment on my FB page,

Chief Inspector Darko Dawson

David Oyelowo (

Passionate father and husband, synesthete Darko is dedicated but not enslaved to his work as a detective. He stops at nothing to find whodunit–and how. His Achilles’ Heel is marijuana. Can he beat the habit? He wants to, but it’s tough. In GOOF he’s up against some tough challenges that might send him spiralling out of control . . .







Christine Dawson

Lupita Nyong’o (Kirk McKoy/LATimes)

Christine, like so many other working mothers, is a multi-tasker who keeps a close but pragmatic watch over her husband and two young sons. She has contributed to Darko’s solving of several cases and plays an important role this time around in GOOF. She and Darko have an instinctive understanding of and an abiding love for each other.




Hosiah Dawson

Miles Brown  (

A plucky, irrepressible kid with a huge smile, Hosiah has been through a lot with his congenital heart disease. He idolizes and adores his dad. In turn, Darko would do anything for his boy, for whom he has a deep love.







Sly Dawson

attends a premiere for ‘Beasts Of No Nation’ during the 72nd Venice Film Festival at Sala Grande on September 3, 2015 in Venice, Italy.

Adopted by Darko and Christine, Sly was abandoned on the streets of Accra by his reprehensible uncle. Tough and more streetwise than Hosiah, Sly is rapidly growing up into a teen, and is very protective of his younger brother.






Detective Inspector Philip Chikata

Dayo Okeniyi (

Chikata is Darko’s junior partner. A heartbreaker described in Quartey’s novels as “impossibly handsome,” he’s recently joined the Ghana Police Service’s elite Panther Unit, a special forces outfit whose men are “fit, fast, and fierce.” Nephew of one of the highest-ranking officers, he was once a spoiled brat who has now matured into his own as a detective. In GOOF, he’s an indispensable sidekick to Darko.







Viola Davis (

Christine’s mother-in-law can be a thorn in Darko’s side. There’s a constant tension between the two, Gifty often barely disguising her disdain for Darko’s profession, since she had always dreamed of her daughter marrying a doctor.