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Pasadena has been home for me for about eight years, although I have lived in southern California much longer than that. Besides myself, the one other mystery writer that I know of who lives in Pasadena is Naomi HiraharaDianne Emley used to live in here as well, but has now moved elsewhere in California. Both women are prolific bestselling authors. We episodically bump into each other at book events.

In a city as diverse as this, there’s lots to do, and you can find out how, when and where by reading a terrific online publication called Hometown Pasadena (HP). Based on the bestselling guide book of the same name, it’s an online magazine that promotes everything in Pasadena from Chef Claud Beltran’s Gumbo Fest and to San Gabriel Valley’s treasure trove of home and garden tours.

In a section called “Creative Types,” HP interviews business people, artists, and authors; and in “Write Here,” HP supports local poets and fiction writers. Colleen Dunn Bates is HP’s creator as well as a publisher at Prospect Park Books , which published Hirahara’s novels Strawberry Yellow and the September 2013 release, Blood Hina.

Kat Ward, senior editor at HP and the author of Amy’s Own, invited me to contribute a piece to HP, and I have offered the prologue to my upcoming e-novella, DEATH AT THE VOYAGER HOTEL, which will be in the Thursday May 30 edition. Before that, there’s a short introduction and interview about a feature of the e-novella that I’m calling “Highly Personalized Links,” or HPLs. Curious? Read about it here.