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The Ohio Library Council held their 2016 annual event at the Kalahari Resort at Sandusky in Ohio. Of course, the real Kalahari is a desert in southern Africa.
I had an author spotlight session at the Kalahari (the Ohio one) on Sept 28 titled International Mystery Writing: West African Intrigue.


By the way, Ivory Coast (or more officially, Cote d’Ivoire) on Africa’s west coast, is nowhere near the Kalahari. Just saying.
A number of African masks and other works of art adorn the hallways on the way to the convention halls. Although one might assume it’s the usual resort kitsch, some of the pieces are authentic, for instance, a collection from Ghana shown with attribution. Unfortunately, most of the pieces are without attribution, so the origins are unknown. That’s something the Kalahari Resort might consider.
 All the following artwork is by Emmanuel and Gloria Yeboah of Ghana: