Sisters with Books (Spikes??)
On July 7, 2010 | 0 Comments

I had a super book club meeting with Sisters with Books in Inglewood on June 27, 2010 – good food and wildly animated and often hilarious conversation. I learned even more about my characters than I knew before! I don’t need to tell you that women are exceptionally perceptive, but what’s even better is that they may perceive completely different aspects of the same person and his or her behavior, leading to very stimulating debate.

With my visit, Sisters with Books became unofficially known as Sisters with Spikes as I fell victim to something that has always been a nightmarish “what if that were to happen” question. Using my car’s GPS, I made a quick and sharp left turn into what I thought was the entry to the gated community where the book club meeting was taking place. Turns out it was the exit, and it was a second too late when I saw that sign do not back up, severe tire damage. Need I say more? I had always wondered what it would be like to roll over those spikes the wrong way. Now I knew. The sound of two punctured front tires was matched only by my heart plunging.

Well, it could have been worse: it could have been all four! Thanks to a speedy service by AAA and even more stunning speed by a nearby Pep Boy’s, I had two new front tires within not too long and was actually able to return to Sisters with Books, uh, Spikes for a fun discussion. This time I went in through the front gate.