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I knew I would be signing at three different venues at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books (LATFOB). What I wasn’t initially aware of was mega-giant publisher Penguin Random House will be pre-releasing my new novel GOLD OF OUR FATHERS (“GOOF”) hot off the press to LATFOB on April 9/10. That is a good two weeks before GOOF’s official pub date of April 26, 2016! Mysterious Galaxy Books (Booth 368) and Mystery Ink (Booth 376) at LATFOB will both be carrying it, hooray for them!

Drop by one of my book signing sessions and you can sign up with me for a drawing to win this midnight blue ceramic coffee mug emblazoned with the GOOF jacket design [purchase of my novel(s) not necessary to win]:















Remember, you have to sign up with me while I’m at the booth for my session. I’ve posted the schedule below.

Of course, not everyone is going to be able to make it to the LATFOB, but please do if you can! If not, there’s another way you can get your hands on this coffee mug. Yes, you guessed it. Another contest is coming up! To win this one, you have to read GOOF. The answer is within the pages. Again, like the previous contests, winners will be awarded by order of arrival of the answers to my inbox.

However a few people won GOOF advance reading copies in prior contests, and others might pick up one of the early-release GOOFs at LATFOB on April 9/10. So if I were to launch the contest now, they would have an unfair advantage over those who won’t get a hold of GOOF until April 26 or later. Therefore, I will wait a couple of weeks after pub date (4/26/16) to launch the contest. That should give everyone a chance to get the book and read it through.

Again, no purchase necessary to win! You can always borrow the book from the library, now there’s an idea! Alternatively from your best friend. Just warn him/her that s/he might not get the book back. They never do.

Again, my signing times at LATFOB are:

Saturday | 4/9/2016 | 4:00 – 5:00 PM

Signing at the Mystery Ink Booth #376


Sunday | 4/10/2016 | 11:30 AM

Panel discussion (11:30 – 12:15)


Kwei Quartey, Cara Black, and Naomi Hirahara

Andrus Gerontology Center, USC, 3715 McClintock Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90089 USC

Topic: Crime Fiction: Cities in Suspense

Moderator/Interviewer: Miles Corwin

Signing after panel (12:30 – 13:00)


Sunday | 4/10/2016 | 3:00 – 4:00 PM

Signing at Mysterious Galaxy, Booth #368