The 100-Page Threshold
On November 11, 2015 | 0 Comments

I am writing my novel DEATH BY HIS GRACE (release 2017)  and it is going agonizingly slowly. You see, there’s this 100-page threshold for me whenever I write my novels before which it is a tortoise walk. After that point, things start to move a lot faster. By the way, I love tortoises, hehe.

Desert Tortoise (Photo: Cameron Rognan)

Cheetahs are nice too.

Cheetah running at 70-80 mph (phplinkdirectory picture)

Thing is, they can’t sustain that blistering speed for more than a few seconds, so draw whatever conclusions you may from that. I’d like to be somewhere between the tortoise and the cheetah. Maybe 60% cheetah, 40% tortoise.

After page 100, maybe I will. I’m at page 50, so I’d better get crackin’.