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The riddle contest proved very difficult and although we had several good guesses, only two people were able to come up with the correct answer. Here was the riddle:

Don’t feel befuddled                                                                                                                       

My name is muddled

I have a story

Of past glory

Rising to the rim

To win


Who am I


Here’s the solution:

My name is muddled = the name of the person is in the form of an anagram.

Story of past glory = a great era that has come to its conclusion.

Rising to the rim to win = victorious in basketball

As I mentioned, you have to read GOLD OF OUR FATHERS to figure out who this person is. The name of one of the characters in the novel is “Beko Tanbry.” Rearrange the letters and you get Kobe Bryantthe incredible, now-retired shooting guard for the Los Angeles Lakers. Fittingly, Beko Tanbry in the novel is also a retired basketball player.

(All my novels since Wife Of The Gods have a name anagram in them.)

The two lucky winners, Dave W. and Elizabeth B., will receive the world famous “GOOF”–Gold OOur Fathers–coffee mug (coffee tastes much better in it, I promise) and delectable Divine chocolates, which are sourced from Ghana cocoa beans.