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Directly from Sweden and inspired by its rocky coasts of unspoiled beauty comes an ingenious, unique and elegant device that a reader could only love.

One of my slight but definite irritations while reading is the “page stray,” when you step away from your book for a minute only to return to find your page has errantly turned or been flipped by a passing breeze.

Also, it can get a bit awkward reading while indulging in a nice hot coffee and a delectable dessert. I practically need three hands to hold the book as I drink and nibble.

A reading easel doesn’t necessarily prevent the pages from flipping on their own accord, and a boomark can’t hold the pages open for you. Finally, some genius has come along with something I wish I’d thought of myself: the Page Anchor. It’s a device you can take with you anywhere, it’s cute, and it’s functional. Thinking of lying around the pool or beach reading this summer? Well, don’t leave without your Page Anchor because the sea breeze won’t leave those pages alone!

At the beach reading? Anchor your pages(Photo courtesy Page Anchor)



Or if a cafe is more your style:

Coffee black, pages anchored (Photo courtesy Page Anchor)



Lazy Sunday?

R&R: Read & Relax (Photo courtesy Page Anchor)


Working on your project:

You might need more than one anchor here! (Photo courtesy Page Anchor)



So, the reason I’m talking about this device is that in celebration of the launch of my new website, the first ten new signups between 25 May and 8 June will win a beautiful Page Anchor! So sign up quick on my home page! Just click on the “Kwei Quartey” logo at the top of this page.

(Note that if you win a Page Anchor and you live outside the USA, your country’s postal regulations may slap on whatever local tarriffs apply.)


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