Great Bookstores, Wine & Cheese
On May 16, 2016 | 0 Comments

On Saturday, May 14, I had a book signing and discussion at Marcus Books in Oakland. This venerable bookstore has been around for more than half a century.

Blanche Richardson, daughter of the late Julian Richardson, who founded the store along with his wife Raye, runs the store with her daughter Cherysse. Blanche’s sister, Karen, runs the San Francisco outlet. Marcus Books (named after black activist Marcus Garvey) isn’t just a proudly family-owned business.



Blanche points out that the stores have long acted as a community resource and have been very much a part of the civil rights movement.

With Blanche and a superb group of readers, I had a terrific discussion and signing, which was so absorbing I didn’t realize how late it was getting.

Speaking of great bookstores, I will be signing GOLD OF OUR FATHERS at Vroman’s Bookstore in Pasadena on May 28, 2016. Vroman’s is not far from where I live, and it’s my de facto local bookstore. I don’t order books from Amazon. I always order/buy from Vroman’s.

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I realize May 28 will be Memorial Day weekend, so if you had previous plans, cancel them immediately. That was a joke, but seriously–if you’re around and/or you have no other plans, come by to meet me while you enjoy wine and cheese and other delectable morsels from the wonderful Camille Renk.

Why battle all those airport crowds and crazy drivers, anyway? And everyone, and I mean everyone, who buys a copy of GOLD at the party will receive the world-famous “GOOF” coffee mug as a gift.









Other signings coming up:

Tuesday, May 17, drop-in signing The Mysterious Bookshop, 58 Warren St., New York City. Come by and say hello!

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