Murder At Cape Three Points Reviews - Kwei Quartey

Murder At Cape Three Points Reviews

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“For hardcore Darko fans, and newcomers as well, this is a page-turner.”
— PRI’s The World



“Quartey provides such a strong sense of Ghana that you’ll be wishing for a platter of kenkey, a staple food made from fermented corn, to keep you from biting your nails to the quick as Dawson winnows down the list of suspects to solve the mystery.”



“Offers a more contemporary portrait of corporate greed on the continent than McCall Smith’s gentle portrait of rural crime.”
— Daily Mail (UK)



“In the context of a world still working on cleaning up the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, and where oil companies’ main hope of expansion comes from high-risk deep water drilling, Quartey’s message could not be more timely.”
— Scott Montgomery, Book People Bookstore, Austin, TX



“Absorbing for history, contemporary upheavals, plotting, and Dawson’s personality.”
— Booklist

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