Sleep Well My Lady
Get Ready For Sleep Well, My Lady–Coming 2021
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Sleep Well, My Lady

Book jacket cover viewed with the spine showing, a murder mystery, Sleep Well, My Lady, pink, blue, black, gold, gray colors, beautiful black woman face in profile in the gold and gray portions of design

Sleep Well, My Lady (January 2021)



In Sleep Well, My Lady, Emma Djan, Private Investigator, returns for another round on January 12, 2021. Sleep Well, My Lady (SWML). No one can predict exactly what the Covid world will be like by then, but I feel confident that in any case, we will still have books, thank goodness.

This time, Emma and the investigation team tackle a case that has run into a dead end. Almost a year ago, fashion icon Lady Araba was found dead in the bedroom of her upscale home in Trasacco Valley, which I call the Beverly Hills of Accra.


In typical fashion, the Ghana Police have arrested the most convenient scapegoat at hand, Lady Araba’s chauffeur, who is now languishing in prison waiting for a trial date that could be anything from one to ten years away. But Araba’s Aunt Dele, who taught Araba everything about designing and sewing women’s outfits, doesn’t believe the chauffeur killed his Araba. She is convinced that the guilty party is Araba’s lover, Augustus Seeza, the highest-paid TV talk show host in the country. Augustus, a notorious womanizer and alcoholic, is separated from his heiress wife and had a toxic relationship with Araba, hence the suspicion that he could be involved with her murder. Bearing this conviction, Dele comes in one morning to the Sowah Detective Agency and asks for Emma’s help in solving the crime.

It’s easier said than done when it seems like just about everyone is lying through their teeth. Emma does undercover work from pretending to be a poverty-stricken laborer to a rich woman planning to buy one of the million-dollar homes you see in the short clip. Some part of that undercover work dredges up previous trauma she must work through.

The premise of the novel is from a true story out of Kenya, which I blogged about some time ago. However the end result, SWML is different in several ways from the real-life events.

January 12, 2021 is the pub date. It’s really not that far away. Time flies, even when you’re not having fun.




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