Images of Stockholm
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A collection of random photos from the city of Stockholm, Sweden, where I’m spending a few days of vacation. (Click on images to magnify.)

Stockholm shoreline (the city is a collection of islands):

Stockholm_vista Stockholm_Vista2

Stockholm_Vista3 Stockholm_view_from_milles

Stockholm_shoreline1 Stockholm_shoreline2

Stockholm_loneboat Stockholm_shoreline3

Aerial Views from the Ericsson Globe Arena, the largest spherical building in the world, the outside of which one can ride up in a glass bubble elevator

Stockholm_Globen1 Stockholm_Globen2

Stockholm_aerial1 Stockholm_aerial2

Stockholm_aerial3 Stockholm_aerial4

City Hall Exterior


Stockholm_cityhall_courtyard Stockholm_cityhall_ctyard2

City Hall “Blue Hall” where the Nobel Prize Banquet is held

Stockholm_cityhall_int_ctyard Stockholm_cityhall_BlueHall

City Hall civil ceremony marriage room and reception hall

Stockholm_cityhall_interior1 Stockholm_cityhall_interior2

City Hall Golden Hall where the Nobel Prize Ball is held

Stockholm_cityhall_dancehall1 Stockholm_cityhall_dancehall2

“Mirror Lake” (my coinage), not far from where I stay:

Stockholm_mirrorlake1 Stockholm_mirrorlake2

Mother and son biking from work and school, a common sight. No wonder relatively few Swedes are fat:


Typical, tightly neat and impeccable Swedish home; and contrail over rooftop at dusk:

Stockholm_picketfence Stockholm_contrail

Millesgarden, founded by Swedish sculptor Carl Milles and wife Olga, a collection of statue-dotted outdoor gardens and interior collections of antiquities.

Stockholm_Milles1 Stockholm_Milles2

Stockholm_Milles3 Stockholm_Milles4

Stockholm_Milles5 Stockholm_Milles6

Stockholm_torsohall1 Stockholm_torsohall2